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2012 | Alpha Sales Group set up eL-Driver in UK- Now, in addition to Swiss, German and Austrian, also British novice drivers can use our effective E-Learning system.

Link:  www.eL-Driver.co.uk


2011 | Alpha Sales Group on new version of Boegele in Switzerland - The new design now also offers an innovative and effective learning system to the Swiss novice drivers.

Link: www.eL-Driver.com

2009 | Alpha Sales Group in Austria acquires the license for all exam questions - In addition to the license for all exam questions in Switzerland the Alpha Sales Group also acquired the license for all test questions in Austria. Therfore the leader in e-learning systems now also offers an innovative and effective learning system to Austrian novice drivers.

Link: www.alpha-sales.com

2009 | Alpha Sales Group founds a company in Austria - Fahrschulecheck.com comes in the product portfolio of the Alpha Sales Group, and is managed by the new company (ASM Application Services) in Austria.

Link: www.alpha-sales.com


2009 | Swiss investors saying "Fahrschulecheck.com" is a great opportunity  - The founders of Alpha Sales Group in Switzerland, are now co-partner in Austria. The heads of the Swiss online platform "www.boegele.ch" (the most visited online platform for driving theory in Switzerland) are very confident that their investment in Fahrschulecheck.com will be a great opportunity.

Link:  www.boegele.ch


2008 | Partnership with inline Consulting GmbH & Co KEG - Today's INLINE Consulting GmbH & Co KEG was founded by Guido Peternell in 1994 (later Peternell & Co KEG). He has worked in the driving school industry since 1979. One of his most successful products is the first seal of quality for driving schools.

Link:  www.inline.at


2007 | Funding by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology - Successful application for funding the business idea. build! Gründerzentrum Kärnten, an organization for advice and help when start-up business, announces that Carskool.at will fund by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology after a successful application.

Link:  www.build.or.at/unternehmen/fahrschulecheck



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